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Westport Parks and Recreation’s Philosophy in regards to Youth Sports
Our philosophy with youth sports at Westport Parks and Recreation is to develop and/or maintain a sense of well being and self-satisfaction through sports participation and experiences that are conducted either for pleasure or for achievement of physical, social or emotional successes.  Programs within the youth sports arena are developed and planned by professional and qualified staff to emphasize education, skill development and entertainment in a safe and positive setting.  Our ultimate goal being, to have fun and create a feeling of well being through organized activities where health, education and social adjustment are the underlying foundation.
To further carry out our beliefs, we have focused our philosophy of youth sports on providing a comprehensive schedule of varied  activities for children, ages 3 - 18.  These activities contribute to the increased learning and better social adjustment of each participant.  In order for us to achieve this, we will provide enjoyable group activity and provide the opportunity for competition undersupervision.  The activities and games we do will help develop desired social traits such as self-control, friendliness, courtesy, obedience, positive self-esteem and habits of fair play.  While providing these kinds of activities, we must hold the child’s interest and realize that the quality of our adult leadership will have a serious influence on the child’s participation and success.
The promotion of all-around development of boys and girls, and meeting their needs and desires is essential.  To accomplish this, we must instill a high level of motivation and personal satisfaction within our coaches and the participants involved in the programs.  The idea of having fun through organized activity while putting emphasis on health, physical fitness and a feeling of well being is our ultimate goal.  We want every participant to gain something from his/her experience in our youth sports activities that promotes a positive attitude, fosters self-confidence and contributes to their social and emotional needs.
The Westport Parks and Recreation Department looks to the philosophies put forth in the National Standards for Youth Sports by the National Alliance for Youth Sports as well to further guide our beliefs making sure youth sports stays positive for everyone involved.